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Beril Çelik

Research and Analytics

Beril contributes to THINK360, the thinktank of S360 and also carries out research and analytics for client needs. Upon graduating from Robert College in 2011, she pursued a joint program in Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance at University College London (UCL) and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). After graduation in 2015, she worked for an international management consultancy firm in Istanbul, while getting more interested in the fields of social impact and social entrepreneurship.
In 2016, she pursued an Executive Program on Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. Within the 8-month online program with on-campus convening, she met nonprofit leaders, academicians and volunteers in the third sector and learned from her eclectic group of peers. Over the course of the program, she had the opportunity to experience design thinking method in a workshop carried out by IDEO.
She attempts to strategically resolve problems in diverse industries, using analytical approach with attention to detail, while maintaining an innovative and holistic perspective. She aspires to combine creativity with the analytical skills gained in engineering-based business discipline, to build the unique vision required in ever-changing industries.