Cansu Topaloğlu

Creative Designer

Cansu Topaloglu works as a creative designer at S360. She is an Istanbul-based multi-disciplinary artist, aiming to create distinctly ambiguous visuals by the hybridity of various disciplines. She is a graduate of University of Sussex, where she gained her MA in Digital Media. She has experienced a wide spectrum of creative practices and has been engaging with global organisations and projects as a communications designer. After graduation, she moved to Istanbul, Turkey and has continued working internationally as a graphic designer with various respected cultural institutions including British Council. Additionally, she has gained an office-based experience with creative agencies and non-profit organisations such as United Nations Development Programme.
Cansu is specialised in digital art, web & graphic design, and video & motion arts along with compositing. Her professional proficiency consists of blending analogue visual techniques with computational arts, and creating digital media through the agency of technology. She has been establishing online & offline presence as a visual arts practitioner, designer and researcher through conferences, social media, magazines, journals, and has publicly exhibited visual artefacts internationally.