Yaprak Kurtsal

Research & Analytics

Yaprak works as a sustainability consultant at S360 and carries on duties/studies in the area of research & analytics within THINK360, the think tank of S360. She leads THINK360’s various projects in the areas of renewable energy potential/projections with special focus on solar energy, cultural tourism potential/capacity, development of climate/green bonds markets and green jobs with respect to companies’ transition into a green business model. She also develops and takes part in the implementation of impact assessment studies/projects, including social return on investment (SROI) and cost-benefit analyses for companies’ social initiatives in addition to CSR work. She also takes part in sustainability risk trends assessment studies; and has prepared business plans and financial projections for various museum development projects in Turkey.
Prior to joining S360, Yaprak worked as a consultant for Belgium based consulting company GPlus Europe, in the area of energy, as well as a short term consultant for ILO Turkey. Yaprak also worked as a research associate at TEPAV (Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey), climate and energy officer for WWF-Turkey as well as a project coordinator for FAO and REC Turkey.
Yaprak holds a MSc in Local Economic Development from London School of Economics and Political Science; and has written her thesis in regional disparities of unemployment in Turkey. In addition, she has a BSc degree in Economics from Bilkent University and has studied one year at the Economics and Business Management Faculty at Maastricht University.