Ceren Görgüner

Strategy & Communications

Ceren works with Strategy & Communications team as a Sustainability Consultant at S360. She graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering in February 2016. In the graduation project, she and her colleague designed a system to increase women’s participation on Turkish Publicly Traded Company Boards and to extend gender equality policy all over the business world. She began her career in the private sector as an Employer Branding Specialist. After that she received her master’s degree from Sapienza University of Rome in Business Management in July 2021. Her graduate thesis was concentrated on biomimicry as a sustainable innovation practice to realize the roadmaps of the global actions in the 21st century.

Ceren has been a volunteer for community involvement projects about children, youth, and disabled people since 2012. She is interested in nature-inspired innovations, ecology, regenerative systems, agriculture, volunteering and spending time in nature.