Yaprak Kurtsal

Research & Analytics

Yaprak has ten years of experience in project design and management, and sustainability research and analysis. Yaprak currently works as a research consultant at S360 and leads research projects mainly in the areas of local and rural development. She is also experienced in social impact analysis and project design for social change. She has designed and conducted numerous social impact assessment studies (mainly using the social return on investment method) for companies, social enterprises as well as NGOs.

Prior to joining S360, Yaprak worked as a consultant for Belgium based consulting company GPlus Europe, in the area of energy policy, as well as a consultant for UN International Labour Organisation (ILO). Yaprak also worked as a research associate at TEPAV (Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey), climate and energy officer for WWF-Turkey as well as a project coordinator for United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Regional Environmental Center (REC) Turkey.

Yaprak holds an MSc degree in Local Economic Development from London School of Economics and Political Science, a BA degree in Economics from Bilkent University and has studied one year at the Economics and Business Management Faculty at Maastricht University. Yaprak is currently a PhD candidate at University of Bologna, where she continues her research in the area of agricultural and food economics. Her research interests include rural transformation, food policy, sustainable supply-chains, social networks and degrowth.